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At Skye College High School, we remain focused on developing deep conceptual understanding and lasting mastery of subjects for academic success in later life.



Comprehensive Sports Offering

Skye College High School offers grades 7 – 9 from 2024. Subsequent grades will be phased in annually thereafter. The High School and Preparatory School share a campus on Piet Retief road in Honeydew Ridge, with a pedestrian link to our preschool. 

In their High School years, we add the finishing touches on the strong foundations laid in the Preparatory School. Once they leave Skye College High School, they will be equipped with the skills to thrive in life.  People who thrive can build and maintain meaningful relationships with others.  They are deeply connected to the world, to nature and to themselves. 

People who thrive make a meaningful contribution to their world, reach their own summit, and are equipped with good habits to lead a balanced and resilient life.

Built To Thrive

Academic Rigour

Between Grades 7 and 8 we focus on building strong Math, Language and Science skills that
remain as relevant as ever. We also create time for enrichment, adventure and the joy of
community. In Grade 9 and 10, our academic focus shifts to preparing your child for their
Cambridge IGCSE exams.

Personalised Learning

In Grade 7 – 8 we also support personalised learning through AI-enabled, computerised programmes that support each child’s optimal development in Math and reading. In Grade 9, and again in Grade 11, students will choose from a number of electives that supplement our continued focus on a strong academic core.

Socio-Emotional Learning and Wellness

We believe that socio-emotional skill and wellness are as important as academic excellence for success at life. We focus on intentionally equipping staff and students with the skills and competencies needed to care for themselves and others, and build deep and meaningful connections to the world and the people around them – at every age.

Good Habits

Through comprehensive social and emotional development, physical education and contribution your child will develop habits to support their current and future health, emotional wellness and relationships.

Integration of

Encouraged technology

We say “yes” to technology by incorporating the use of student devices where they add true value; for example as part of our AI-enabled personalised learning (Math and reading practice at a “just-right” level for your child); as part of our project-based learning initiatives; as part of “flipped lessons”, where content is delivered via student devices, allowing classroom time to be spent in deep learning through discussion and collaboration.
Because these devices are managed by, and remain at school, we are able to control
and monitor them to guarantee they are not used to access or share inappropriate content.

We also incorporate various
forms of technology in our Design Lab, computer science classes and various other

How We Do Things - The Thriveway

Strong Academic Core

At Skye College we don’t believe in “getting through” the curriculum. When “getting through”, rather than “mastering” the work becomes the focus, learning gaps often develop.

At Skye College we therefore remain focused on developing deep conceptual understanding and lasting mastery of the core learning the student will need for academic success in later life: Math, English (especially reading) and Science.

Find out more about our subjects in the 2023 parent guide.


Learn To Contribute, Contribute To Learn

We teach the most transferable components of the Cambridge subjects in a project-based, contribution focused and cross-subject learning period we fondly call “class without walls”. This provides a platform to develop critical 21st century skills like collaboration and creativity; to deepen
understanding and apply skills from core subjects in real-world contexts; and to give students an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to
their school, community and world.

Social and Emotional Learning

The internationally acclaimed Conscious Discipline Programme teaches the critical social and emotional skills the students will need to thrive at school and in life, including self-regulation, mindfulness, assertiveness and empathy.

Self-Paced for Optimal Engagement 

Students learn best when work is at a “just right” level of difficulty (the sweet spot between boring and frustrating). We therefore create opportunities for self-paced learning in sequential subjects like Math and English.

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