At Skye College we believe in connections. mastery. contributing. good habits. thriving.

Strong Academic Core

Personalised Learning

Learn To Contribute, Contribute To Learn

Physical Education, Sport & Adventure

Social & Emotional Learning


Private school based in Honeydew Ridge, Johannesburg.

Our contemporary private preschool, preparatory and high school is doing education differently. We’re striving to create a school that equips students, teachers and parents to thrive in life.

The SKYE COLLEGE thriveway will prepare your child with the competencies, knowledge and habits needed to thrive – today and in the future.

Self-Paced For Deep Mastery

At Skye College the emphasis is on truly mastering content, rather than on completing assignments or achieving a passing mark. This sets the child up for success in high school math and language and helps them develop a love of these important subjects.

Research Driven Education

Our research-based methodology allows us to move beyond a single approach, or a certain methodology, curriculum or textbook. We have a deep understanding of what works as well as a firm grasp on what it means to thrive, we can craft an education that truly serves the needs of kids that sets them up for success at all aspects of life.

Sensorially-Rich Learning Experiences

The research is clear – young children learn best through concrete, sensorially-rich experiences and movement – yet schools continue to fight to keep kids in their seats. Practical hands-on projects and experiential learning takes learning off the page – placing it squarely in the real world and firmly in the mind.

Responsive Teaching of Curriculum

At Skye College, teachers are guided by, and work towards the outcomes of the *Cambridge curriculum and its exams. However, curriculum guidance is balanced with flexibility. Our teachers are actively engaged in co-creating curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the class and are free to incorporate learners’ interests and contexts.

Nurturing family connection

At Skye College, homework is mostly unnecessary because class-time is highly efficient and effective. We understand that after-school time is sacred for families, and so we include parents in their child’s learning journey in a way that enriches, rather than strains, this time.

Contributing To Learn

At Skye College we not only learn to contribute, but we contribute to learn: Our learners know what it is to be good world citizens and use their knowledge and skills to contribute towards one (or more) of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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