The Thriveway – Good habits. Strong Character.

Your child will thrive as they nurture good habits and cultivate character.

Life is tough.  Your child will need plenty of grit and a strong character to accomplish their goals and thrive in life.  At Skye College we champion good habits.  Habits weave their way through our curriculum, stories, activities and play.  Why?  Because good habits are the vital reservoir of a resilient life that can withstand pressure and bounce back after hardship.  Habits help us manage stress, stay connected, build relationships, learn, grow and succeed…  Good habits develop grit and, over time, build strong character.  Habits set us up to thrive without us even knowing it.

In fact, there are few gifts we can impart to children as valuable as those habits that will lead to long term health, successful relationships and a strong character.

Habits for health

At Skye College we serve healthy home-made meals, enjoyed in a social community setting.  Children learn to enjoy, appreciate and prepare healthy food as a major part of our practical life curriculum. 

Long periods of child-led physical play in natural surroundings are an important part of each day.  Children also benefit from our weekly physical literacy program, including an “unplugged play vocabulary” component – teaching kids those good old-fashioned games they no longer know. 

A variety of extracurricular sport options are available. 

Habits of the mind and soul

At Skye Collage we foster habits of the mind and soul that will lay down the rails for an exceptional, grounded and meaningful life.  Attentiveness, observation, gratitude, orderliness, trust, patience, inquisitiveness, generosity, responsibility, courage, loyalty and wisdom… Good habits today.  Strong character tomorrow.

Relational habits

Our strong focus on developing social- and communication skills lead to positive relational habits, such as reflective listening, suspending judgement and expressing one’s feelings and needs clearly.

These habits, taken together, unlock a lifetime of successful relationships in all spheres of life.

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