The Thriveway – Connect.

Build strong relationships and foster deep connections

The research is unambiguous… the health of our relationships has a profound effect on our financial wellbeing, health, happiness and success in life.  The ability to form meaningful connections with others, to feel connected to ourselves and to the natural world – these are foundational.

It starts at school.  A positive relationship between student and teacher impacts class participation, self-efficacy, critical thinking and achievement at math and language.  It increases attendance, reduces negative behaviour and leads to better grades.[i]  Peer mentorship has the potential both to help children learn, and to improve their self-esteem.  Friendship impacts every part of life.

At Skye College your child will experience relationship-driven learning in a close-knit community, spend productive time alone and connect with nature.

Connect to others

  • At Skye College children learn both in same-age cohorts and mixed-grade classrooms. Mixed-grade classrooms create opportunities for children to experience mentorship, be mentors and embrace the powerful impact of peer learning.
  • Intentional grace and courtesy curriculum provides children with real-world social skills practice and a peaceful sense of community.
  • An approach to discipline which empowers teachers and students to resolve conflicts and minimize disruptions while restoring relationships and focusing on making amends (restorative justice).
  • Communication skills (based on the famous Non-Violent Communication technique) are intentionally taught to teachers and children.
  • Evidence-based techniques for effective classroom management creates an atmosphere of freedom and peace.

Connect to self

  • An intentional focus on optimising socio-emotional wellness of teachers and children.
  • Innovative classroom design allows children to move freely between collaborative and individual workspaces.
  • Curriculum that balances project-based collaboration and experiential learning with self-paced work.
  • Time, at school, to pursue personal passion, begin to discover individual purpose and hone special talents.

Connect to nature

  • Long, uninterrupted daily time for play and relaxation in spacious and beautiful surroundings.
  • Opportunities to experience and connect with nature… at our “bug hotel” children experience life cycles first-hand.  Our butterfly sanctuary provides a glimpse into the wonder of pollination.  Our birding “forest” provides a chance to identify and study birds.
  • Our teachers co-design lessons with the intention to leave children in awe of nature and her creator. Whether it’s the first glimpse at a feather through a microscope, experiencing the scale of the universe through a video-simulation, marvelling at the design of the cell’s molecular machines or the microcosmos in a drop of sea water – our learning experiences are filled with wonder and awe.
  • Environmental stewardship weaves its way like a golden thread through school practices, lessons and projects.

Connect to the world

  • The globe is more connected than ever, and it is vital that children learn to understand and love the diverse and complex world of their future.
  • We foster a global perspective by exposing children to the stories, peoples and natural wonders of our fascinating planet from a young age. Your child will journey to Antarctica on Shackleton’s fated 1914 voyage, take a walk on the tundra with their Inuit guide and experiencing Beijing through the eyes of a local child – all without leaving the safety and comfort of their beautiful school. 
  • We believe in real world connection. Field trips and school visits are a frequent part of our learning experience. 
  • We connect to the world by contributing to it. Our learners use their knowledge and skills to contribute towards one (or more) of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  In the process, they learn valuable skills and a global mindset for a future world.
  • Technology fosters global connection and facilitates global citizenship, but is never at the expense of relationship. Because friends are more important than screens.

[i] Cornelius-White, 2008; Roodha, Koomen, Split and Oort, 2001 in Visible Learning Guide to Student Achievement (Hatti, 2020).

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