The Cambridge curriculum and our Thriveway journey.

An education to thrive in life

At Skye College your child will experience the Thriveway. The Thriveway is a journey of learning opportunities and interactions that will prepare your child with the competencies, knowledge and habits needed to thrive – today and in the future.

Did you know, people who thrive have four important things in common?  People who thrive have strong relationships and deep connections to themselves, others and the natural world (one).  People who thrive develop to their full potential (two) and, in the process, make a deeply meaningful contribution to their world (three).  People who thrive harness the power of productive habits (four).

At Skye College the Thriveway will equip your child to become a relationship builder, to develop their full potential, to make a meaningful contribution to their future world and to cultivate habits that set them up for success.

The Cambridge curriculum supports these four Thriveway goals in important ways.

Maximising tertiary study options

At Skye College your child will attain an internationally recognised Cambridge qualification.  We start at the Cambridge primary level and progress through to IGCSE, AS and A-levels as part of the Thriveway journey.  Cambridge qualifications are also recognised at local universities.  This means that a Cambridge qualification will provide your child with a wide range of local and international study options.  For more information on the Cambridge curriculum in South Africa, please click here.

A rigorous standard for tertiary success

The Cambridge curriculum and exams are of a high, internationally benchmarked standard.  Most schools focus on helping your child access tertiary study.  At Skye College we believe that equipping your child to succeed at university is equally important.  Studying at Cambridge’s high standard will prepare your child for the rigor of tertiary study. 


Cambridge provides a high standard, but with great flexibility.  This means our teachers have the freedom to weave the curriculum into our larger Thriveway tapestry, focused on equipping your child to thrive in life, rather than simply master academic content.  Teachers are also able to adapt the curriculum to better suit the interests, learning needs and goals of their students. 

A simple high-school core increases fluency

The Cambridge high school curriculum requires fewer subjects and presents subjects at greater depth.  This allows us to offer a strong and simple academic high-school core that increases fluency in order to maximize tertiary study opportunities.  Because we are not required to offer a myriad of “filler” subjects with little real-world value, we can focus on developing important competencies for the 21st century: Life and career, information, media and technology literacy, financial and entrepreneurial literacy, creative intelligence, critical thinking, all built on a solid foundation of math, language and science.


A simple high-school core allows personalised learning

A simple academic core frees up time to focus on pursuing personal interest and developing unique talents – at school.  Math, science, tech, language – plus your passion.  The Thriveway supports students to discover and pursue their unique purpose…  that place where their deep joy meets the deep need of the world.  We do this in a number of ways, including workplace internships and mentorship – giving high school students exposure to the world of real work and connecting them to passionate masters who guide and inspire them.  

The individualised learning journey your child will experience at Skye College will equip them to make a meaningful contribution to their world in a way that is personally meaningful and makes full use of their natural talents.

The world is increasingly connected.  Your child’s ability to successfully navigate a multi-cultural, global workplace will be key to their future success.  Through the Cambridge curriculum, Skye College is naturally connected other Cambridge schools – internationally and locally.  Many excellent South African schools (including Dainfern College, St. Johns, Nova Pioneer and the Generations Schools) offer the Cambridge curriculum.  Worldwide, Cambridge is offered at 10 000 schools in 160 countries.  This community provides a natural platform for local and global collaboration and skills building.  

The Bigger picture

Our research-based methodology allows us to move beyond commitment to a single approach, or a certain methodology or curriculum.  Because we have a deep understanding of what works in pedagogy as well as a firm grasp on what it means to thrive, we can craft an education that truly serves the needs of kids today and sets them up for success – not just at a job, but at real life.  When you start with what is proven to work, and you redefine curriculum objectives to no less than success at life, school looks very different.

The Cambridge Curriculum is just one way in which we are delivering on our promise – an education to thrive in life.  Click here to learn more about our research-based methodology and how we differ from traditional schools.

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