Skye College Preparatory School

At Skye College Preparatory, the students are able to slow down and consolidate learning. Self-paced learning allows TRUE MASTERY to take place.



Comprehensive Sports Offering

Skye College Preparatory School offers Grades 1 – 6. The Preparatory School and High School share a campus on Piet Retief road in Honeydew Ridge, with a pedestrian link to our preschool. 

At Skye College everything we do is intentionally designed to set your child on a path to thrive – a path to develop their full potential, build strong relationships and champion helpful habits – developing the competencies they will need to impact their world in the 21st century. 

Our beautiful facilities, our warm teachers and our Thriveway curriculum work together for your child’s happiness and success.

Built To Thrive

Academic Rigour

Between Grades 1 and 6 we focus on building strong Math, Language and Science skills that remain as relevant as ever.  We also create time for enrichment, adventure and the joy of community.

Personalised Learning

Self-paced learning support continues throughout our preparatory and high school. In Grades 1-3 our Montessori-inspired classrooms allows your child to progress at their own pace in Math and English. Because your child is able to slow down and consolidate learning when needed, true mastery is developed and learning gaps are prevented.

Socio-Emotional Learning and Wellness

We focus on intentionally equipping staff and students with the skills and competencies needed to care for themselves and others, and build deep and meaningful connections to the world and the people around them – at every age.

Good Habits

Through comprehensive social and emotional development, physical education and contribution your child will develop habits to support their current and future health, emotional wellness and relationships.

Our not So secret, secret ingredient

Educators that embrace learning

The Thriveway is delivered daily by high-impact staff who never stop learning. We begin with a strong foundation of best practice; exclusively using methods proven by research to have a high impact on learning

At Skye College Preparatory School our teachers nurture each student’s potential and character.  Our classrooms are relaxed spaces where learning and enjoyment are hard to distinguish and where everything happens in the context of nurturing relationships.  At Skye College Preparatory School every child belongs. 

How We Do Things - The Thriveway

Montessori Inspired Learning

At Skye College we believe in working with the way a child’s brain is naturally wired to learn. Young children cannot yet think abstractly. During their early years, children are concrete learners; they learn by using all their senses; they learn through movement and social interaction.

Cambridge Curriculum

At Skye College we start at the Cambridge primary level and progress through secondary education to IGCSE and AS / A-levels as part of the Thriveway journey. These Cambridge qualifications are recognised both internationally and at local universities. This means that a Cambridge qualification will provide your child with a wide range of local and international study options.

A Foundation of Research-Driven Best Practice

At Skye College we use approaches proven to have a immensely high impact on your child’s learning and wellness.

Self-Paced for Optimal Engagement 

Children learn best when work is at a “just right” level of difficulty (the sweet spot between boring and frustrating). We therefore create opportunities for self-paced learning in sequential subjects like Math and English.

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