Equipping your child to thrive in life.

Our Skye College Vision

People who thrive are deeply connected and skilled at building strong relationships. They are equipped to contribute to their world in ways they find personally meaningful and are supported to develop their full potential. People who thrive have good habits that lay down the rails for a successful and resilient life. 

This is our dream for your child. A dream that guides the design of our facilities, informs our relationship-driven education and guides how we interact with your child every day. 

A dream that helps us shape the future.

Thriving Is Defined By Being A

Relationship Builder

The quality of our relationships are the greatest predictor of our future health and happiness.

Summit Climber

People thrive when they are supported to reach their full potential.
Purpose-Driven Contributor
Children thrive when they contribute to their world in ways they find personally meaningful.

Habit Champion

Habits are essential to our overall health. They can make or break your chances of success and happiness.


Strong Academic Core

Personalised Learning

Learn to contribute, contribute to learn

Physical Education,
Sport & Adventure

Social & Emotional


The Thriveway is a journey of learning opportunities and interactions that will prepare your child with the competencies, knowledge and habits needed to thrive – today and in the future. Our unique Thriveway approach brings together key components that create an extraordinary whole – equipping your child for success at life – at every age.

Our Curriculum

Montessori Inspired Learning

During their early years, children learn using their senses, movement and social interaction. We utilise Montessori principles to teach children abstract concepts in a concrete manner – the way their brains are naturally wired to learn.

Cambridge curriculum

At Skye College we start at the Cambridge primary level and progress through secondary education to IGCSE and AS / A-levels as part of the Thriveway journey. These Cambridge qualifications are recognised both internationally and at local universities. This means that a Cambridge qualification will provide your child with a wide range of local and international study options.

How We do things

A Foundation of Research-Driven Best Practice

At Skye College we use approaches proven to have a immensely high impact on your child’s learning and wellness.

Self-paced for Optimal Engagement

Children learn best when work is at a “just right” level of difficulty (the sweet spot between boring and frustrating). We therefore create opportunities for self-paced learning in sequential subjects like Math and English.

The heroes of thriveway

Our Thrivestars (aka Teachers)

The Thriveway is delivered daily by high-impact staff who never stop learning. We begin with a strong foundation of best practice; exclusively using methods proven by research to have a high impact on learning. Our teachers build on this firm foundation through continuous improvement, achieved through ongoing professional development and regular self-examination of their practice – measured against the uncompromising yardstick of day-to-day student learning success.



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